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Monday, October 5, 2015

oscar romero painting

Life's little coincidences and serendipities can be very special.  One such seredipity happened recently with the painting above. 

I created the painting about eight years ago for a mentor at my college.  The painting depicts Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was murdered in 1980 by the Salvadoran government while saying mass.  I had painted it as a thank you for helping with my Jesuit martyrs painting project, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.  My mentor moved to Central America, we lost contact, and I thought that was it - never seeing that painting again. 

And then a couple weeks ago someone from my college mentioned seeing a painting I had done of Oscar Romero.  I tried correcting them saying the only painting I had ever done of Romero was a gift, and there was little to no chance it was the same painting.  But amazingly it was the same painting.  My mentor had come back to the college for a visit and gifted the painting to campus ministry.  And eight years later, I have a picture of my Oscar Romero portrait.  I'm hoping to get an official picture taken so I can make prints; we'll see how that goes.  

It feels appropriate that this painting would come back to me (in a way) while I'm working at a center named after the Archbishop.  Life is funny sometimes.  

For more information about Archbishop Oscar Romero and his recent beatification, click here

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