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Thursday, October 22, 2015

maybe next year porch garden

And I'm back from a long blogging break!  The last time this happened I was experiencing really bad morning sickness.  Not so this time.  I just spilt curry on our computer keyboard, and we had to send it off for repairs.  <face-palm> 

Today in an effort to be better about sharing all stages of projects I begin, I'm posting about the end of my porch garden season.  It doesn't look nearly as nice as I would have liked, but I think there was some joy to be found in it even in its imperfection.  

I started the season off with gusto, but with having Theo in mid June, the garden really didn't stand a chance this summer.  Between spending my extra energy on my baby and making half hearted attempts to clean our apartment, I severely neglected the garden.  Pedro and Diego tried to make up for my lack of effort, but their gardening attempts usually involve eating lots of dirt and green tomatoes.  Even in these dire circumstances, some of my nasturtiums bloomed, the oregano survived a couple of weeks of no watering (oops), I harvested a cucumber, and the wildflower mix gave me a couple of flowers.    

Pedro, the gardening beagle.  Notice the lack of lettuce growing in the bed behind him.  That's what happens when beagles try to garden.  Eating dirt > letting lettuce grow.  

Maybe next year we'll do better porch garden.  

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