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Monday, September 21, 2015

refound jewelry

Refurbished jewelry is basically new(ish), free(ish) jewelry.  And that makes it my favorite kind of jewelry.  I mentioned last week in my tidying update that I had a friend redo some of the broken jewelry I had come across in going through my stuff.  She did a great job and offered an amazing deal, and now I feel like I have all kinds of new pieces that I love -- when really it's all my own stuff that's just been stored away.  

This necklace was a birthday gift from my sister that broke one of the first times I wore it.  The chain was fixed, and now it's good as new!

I wore these earrings my wedding weekend, and I felt so sad when both sets broke because I thought that was the end of them.  These were both updated with new hooks.  

These necklaces both belonged to my grandma.  Both broke several years ago, but I held on to them in the hopes that I would someday fix them.  The thing about "someday" is that it often doesn't come -- unless you read a book like The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up that inspires you to make "someday" today. 

I had been holding on to this little trinket for years.  I've had it for so long I don't even remember where I got it, but I have the vague idea that it might have belonged to someone on my mom's side of the family.  My friend added it as a little charm to the beaded necklace so it makes that piece extra special.  

This necklace was created from a necklace my sister bought me in Mexico about seven years ago.  The string it was on was old and frayed, and I didn't wear the necklace anymore because of that but I still loved that wood piece.  My friend upcycled it using an old bracelet I gave her, and I love how it turned out. 

This last piece was built from a set of earrings I received from a nun who taught me some Swahili years ago.  I loved the wooden earrings so much I held on to them even after one of them cracked.  The intact earring was upcycled into this necklace using some other fun beads and that same bracelet as the one above.  

These necklaces and earrings bring me a lot of joy, and I'm so happy I finally have them available to wear instead of just sitting in boxes.  It's symbolic of the effect tidying has had on me and my house.  I'm rediscovering my possessions and utilizing what I have to great effect. 

If you like what you see, you can check out my friend's Facebook page here.  She's Milwaukee based but ships her creations across the county!  

Thanks for reading.  Look for more tidying updates in the coming weeks! 

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