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Sunday, September 13, 2015

gwen frostic

I'm sharing the last of the Michigan vacation photos, appropriate since we've been back for a month now.  (A month closer to going back next year?)  

One of the most inspiring places I visit in Michigan is Gwen Frostic's home and shop.  Gwen Frostic was an artist, poet, and nature lover who lived in northwestern Michigan.  Her shop is described on her website: 

Tucked away on a wildlife sanctuary in northern Michigan is a shop built of native stones, glass, and wood. A building that brings the outdoors in and blends all nature in its structure. From the display room with its huge fireplace and natural fountain, one can watch as twelve Heidelberg presses print. 

I love the quaint feel of the shop, the sounds of the old printing presses, and how close I feel to nature.  On top of that, Gwen's art prints are gorgeous - simple, colorful, and a reflection of the natural details found in northwestern Michigan.  I buy way too many postcards and prints every year I visit.  Proof: all of the prints I found when cleaning out our guest room as part of my tidying up 2015 project. 

So many beautiful prints and cards! 

I love all the details of this place.  Up on one of the walls are cards Gwen received from all over the world.  Love thinking about all the letters that have been written and sent on her stationary over the years.  Thanks for the inspiration Gwen. 

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