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Thursday, September 24, 2015

goodbye summer, hello fall

Each year I seem to have different feelings about this time of year.  Some years I can't wait for the arrival of fall so I can snuggle with a cozy blanket and warm cup of tea.  Other years I feel so sad saying goodbye to summer, and I'm not ready for the warmth and sunshine to end.  And other years (like last year), I'm pregnant and nauseous, and all I care about is feeling better. 

This year is one of mourning the end of summer.  I've been associating sickness with autumn because of my intense morning sickness last year, so I really haven't felt super joyful about the change in season.  Day by day it gets a little less intense, so hopefully by November I may finally be feeling pumpkin spice everything. 

One objectively awesome thing this time of year is the lighting.  The sunshine seems to come in at the perfect angle, especially in early morning and late afternoon.  I captured some of these photos during a walk around the neighborhood with Theo last week.  Even if I don't feel great about fall right now, I feel pretty great about these pictures.  

Happy early fall! 

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