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Saturday, September 12, 2015

glen arbor

I'm catching up on old blog posts today, putting together all my leftover photos from the past couple months so I can be forced to create some new content.  I'm cleaning house at home and here on the blog ... but mostly at home.  Cleaning house here and updating the blog will have to wait until later this winter.  Anyway... back to the post. 

Here are some photos from a day trip we took to Glen Arbor during our family Michigan vacation.  A huge storm had just hit Glen Arbor, and electricity was off all through the town due to huge trees knocking down power lines.  It was so sad to see all those beautiful trees ripped out of the ground.  Especially thinking about how many decades most of them had been growing.  

Many of the downed trees had been pulled off the road but there wasn't an estimate for when the power would be back on.  The town was coming together as quaint small towns always do, and we enjoyed a fantastic afternoon poling around shops and drinking some cherry soda. 

Mom, Libby, and I pushed Theo around, and we just chatted and ooh-ed and ah-ed over the baby.  We just love that boy.  

A quaint little shop that didn't have power like the rest of the town.  Luckily modern technology allowed everybody to use the square ap on their iPads so they could still take orders.  The weather is so nice in Michigan that you couldn't even tell that the electricity was off - the temperature was great and you didn't need extra light in any of the buildings.  

This is where we tasted cherry wine and cherry soda.  Yum and yum. 

A beautiful artists' gallery with some great pottery and glassware.  I thought a lot of it would go great in our house but alas it was too pricey for our house right now.  

And one of the coolest places in the town (and that's saying a lot) was the Cottage Bookstore.  It was like walking through a log cabin covered in books.  In fact that's exactly what it was.  And best of all, it had a well curated book selection.  So great that I plan on getting some book recommendations from them in the future.  

Thanks for a great little visit Glen Arbor.  My thoughts are with all the folks there as they continue to pull things back together, but as we saw they were already on their way.  

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