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Monday, July 6, 2015

my neglected community garden plot

I knew this garden season wouldn't be a stellar one because of that little guy in the stroller above.  Having a baby mid-season really cuts into time you can spend at the garden.  But I still rented my usual plot just to have a place I could eventually take Baby T to and to stay connected to all my gardening buddies.  

Luckily I've had some help with my plot, and I think this bit of help has managed to keep most of my veggies alive.  Success!!    

The biggest help came from my mom and brother who were in town last week to visit Baby T.  I blame my gardening fever on my mom, so it only made sense that she would be the one to help me transition my plot from late spring to early summer.  My brother just got roped into the deal because all helpers were given custard upon finishing.  

They were total rockstars: they pulled all my lettuce, thinned my carrots and kale, and planted my tomato plants and nasturtium seeds.  

And then my brother watered everything.  He liked this a lot better than planting seeds.  

It's tough to see in this picture because of the lighting, but I have beets, carrots, onions, swiss chard, and kale planted in the overflowing part of the garden.  Tomatoes and nasturtium seeds in the back.  

And growing in the herb circle: lots of borage and chamomile!  And unfortunately also lots of thistle.  When will we ever be rid of all that dang thistle?! 

Speaking on behalf of my family, this was a great little outing for all of us.  Baby T hung out in the stroller most of the time, but I could tell he was excited for his first time at the garden.  It'll be fun to see him toddling around the garden this time next year!  Oh my gosh, I can't even believe how big he'll be by then.  Be still my mama heart.  

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