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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

maternity pictures

A couple weeks before Baby T was born, we had a little maternity shoot on my coworker's land.  The idea had been my other coworker's -- who is also pregnant!  Well at the time of these photos she was also pregnant.  She just welcomed her little baby boy yesterday, and he is sooo adorable.  And Baby T is very excited to have a little baby buddy.  Anyway, back to the photos.  

I'm really grateful we have these photos to remember this special time.  At the time it seemed like pregnancy would last forever, and I couldn't even picture the actual labor or having a baby.  Now I look at these pictures and am reminded of how temporary that time was - just like all other times I've experienced that seem like they'll last forever.  It makes me want to take pictures of Baby T every five minutes.  But I won't...probably.  

My two favorite photos: above ^^ and below vv.  

I also love this one.  Valencia has been such a great friend and companion throughout our pregnancy journeys.  It meant so much to have a friend to share all the different stages - the morning sickness, the first kicks, the stretching, the aches, and now the labor stories.  So we took a picture to symbolize all that love -- a heart.  Ha!  Valencia was just amusing me because I thought we should recreate a photo I saw on Pinterest.  Now that's a good friend. 

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