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Friday, July 10, 2015

a thank you list

Parenthood has been a wonderful, difficult journey so far, and it has been made so much sweeter by all the people who have shared the road with us.  Many thank yous are in order.  
thank you to everyone who showered us with gifts and love during our pregnancy and helped us get all ready for Baby T's arrival

thank you to my coworkers who supported me through my whole pregnancy, listened to all my joys and fears, and welcomed Baby T like a member of the family

thank you to the hospital staff who helped safely deliver Baby T

thank you to the night nurse who encouraged our early nursing attempts

thank you to the nurse anesthetist who checked on me periodically in the second half of my c-section 

thank you to my doula for being an amazing coach and support person -- and for calling me a warrior

thank you to Candice for taking good care of our pups when we hung out at the hospital

thank you to Grandma and Grandpa (Mom and Dad) for driving up to meet Theo the day he was born, for taking care of the pups, and for keeping us company in the hospital 

thank you to all of our hospital visitors who came to meet Baby T in his first days of life

thank you to Grandma and Aunt Libby for keeping me company in those first late night feedings at home

thank you to Grandma for just generally helping us survive our first week with smiles still on our faces

thank you to everyone who has brought food or visited us or cleaned our house in these early days

thank you to everyone who has texted, messaged, called, face-timed, sent gifts, or sent any kind of love our way.  It means the world to know our baby is so loved by so many people

thank you to Devin and Katie for your long distance mama support

thank you to Pedro and Diego for being cool with us bringing a little human home without consulting you first.  Pedro you are great at sharing your humans' laps.  Diego you are great at always letting us know when Baby T is crying and needs to be picked up (I think you guys are going to be great buddies someday) 

thank you to all of our friends and family for being so excited for Baby T's arrival.  It warms my heart to see how loved he is

thank you to Baby T for being so strong through labor, for being such a great nurser, for teaching me about parenthood, for choosing us as your little family, and for being such a wonderful little human

thank you to Paul for being a strong supportive partner for me to lean on (literally at times).  Thank you for late night diaper changes, for taking care of our pups and reminding them we still love them, for telling me I'm beautiful, for thanking me for being a good mama to Baby T, for all the stories you tell and songs you sing Baby T, for reminding me I'm strong and can do this, for loving our son so much.  I couldn't be doing this without you

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for being a mama, so I can be a Grandma! What a gift!