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Monday, June 22, 2015

welcome baby t

I am so happy to announce the arrival of our little baby boy -- for the blog's purposes Baby T (like Mr. T except smaller and cuter).  Born June 16th, weighing 9 pounds 8 ounces and measuring 22 inches long.  Mommy and Baby T are both healthy and doing well.  

Labor and delivery took everything I had.  After forty hours of labor and three hours of pushing, my doctor told me that the safest option for delivering Baby T was a c-section.  I was scared and disappointed, so I took a few minutes to talk with my coaching team, and we all decided to trust the doctor and go through with the c-section.  Less than an hour later we met our little boy for the first time.  I loved all of his hair, felt proud that I had grown such a big, strong baby, and was also totally out of it from all my pain medications.  About an hour later I got to hold him for the first time and spent the rest of the night holding him to my chest and figuring out nursing.  It was the most surreal, most beautiful night of my life.  

For now we'll be relaxing at home and getting adjusted to life as a family of three.  I'll be spending most of my time feeding, sleeping, and commenting about how Baby T is the most perfect, most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  

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