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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

thoughts on pregnancy (33/34 weeks)

This post would really just be thoughts on pregnancy from 34 weeks, but I don't have a good picture from this week yet, so we're combining weeks 33 and 34.  Sound good?  Ok, good.

- I've reached the part of pregnancy where my weeks can correlate with bra sizes.  Not bra sizes that I can fit into anymore, but bra sizes none the less.

- The top questions I currently get asked: When are you due?  [Mid June] Do you know what you're having? [Based on ultrasounds, I'm pretty sure it's a human baby.]  Is the nursery finished yet?  [Not yet, but it's getting there!]  How do you feel?  [Fantastic!]  Are you excited/happy/nervous? [Yes, yes, and yes.]

- We decided not to find out the sex of our baby, and it's lead to a lot of people sizing me up to guide their guesses on what we're having.  It's pretty funny to hear how people make their decisions.  People will use the same evidence to guess both boy and girl.  Everyone is pretty evenly split, so it's not helping me guess either.  What do you think it's going to be?

- This is the best I've felt in any part of the pregnancy.  I love how pregnant I look, and I love that people don't have to give me the up down to figure out if I'm pregnant or bloated.  The weather is so nice now, and all the exercise and walking I've been able to do have made me feel really great.  I finally want to eat healthy food again which helps too. 

- The baby is gaining half a pound a week now, but I don't seem to be getting that much bigger.  My clothes and my stretch marks tell a different story though. 

- I've started thinking a lot about labor and delivery, and I'm trying to keep these thoughts calm and positive.  If I do get nervous or scared picturing myself delivering the baby, I try to just sit with these feelings and work through them.  Hoping this helps the labor go a little smoother. 

- My sleep has started to get restless and dreams have started to get weird.  Last night I dreamt that the baby's foot had somehow travelled down to my foot, and I had to push it back into my abdomen.  Weird.

- We've decided on a beautiful girl name, but we can't figure out a good boy name.  Which is the best evidence we have so far that the baby is going to be a boy. 

- The baby moves so much now.  I feel kicks and movements throughout the day, and it's so comforting - though sometimes a little startling since the baby seems to get stronger and stronger everyday.  I finally understand what my mom was talking about when she said she felt a little empty and separated after me and my siblings were born.  She missed the feeling of always having us with her.  I didn't think that I would miss sharing my body with the little baby, but I'm definitely going to have to adjust to having that little piece of my heart outside of me now. 

- Baby hiccups are the best.

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