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Friday, May 1, 2015

porch garden beginnings

It doesn't look like much now, but in a short time, this porch space will be a beautiful urban oasis.  I loved spending time on the porch last summer, and I plan on doing much of the same this summer.  The major difference is that this summer I'll have a small baby to keep me and pups company.   

Diego's pretty excited.  

The pots have all been moved up from the basement and are staying safe on the porch table until I can figure out a way to keep the dogs from eating all the soil out of them.  Yes, in addition to bones and library books, my beagles also love to eat dirt out of my garden pots.  It affected plant growth last year, so hopefully this year, some chicken wire will discourage any digging. 

Some pots will be filled with some plants I started inside a few weeks ago.  They'll come outside when threat of frost is gone (hopefully not too much longer).  My mom has promised me a few tomato plants, and I'll plant the rest of the pots will small starter plants.  I really liked having different herbs (like lavender, mint, basil, and rosemary) easily accessible last summer, so most of those will be bought at nurseries before the baby comes.  

The long planter is going to be a home for my lettuce supply.   

I planted about six different varieties of lettuce, and they've all since sprouted (these pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago).  

This planter looks totally different now.  It's full of baby lettuces and all the names have worn off the markers.  

So who do you think will win this summer?  Mary and plants and the chicken wire?  Or Diego and Pedro and their persistent beagle nature?  For my post-baby sanity I really hope that me and the plants pull out ahead.  

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