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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

happy mother's day (belated)

This mother's day I was more grateful than ever to have my mom.  

Getting ready to have my first baby has reminded me just how much I love her and need her.  I text her several times a day to update her on something that's happening with the baby, to ask her questions, or (on my not so selfish days) to see how she's doing.  We've developed a silly tradition of texting each Saturday to proclaim a new week of pregnancy (27 weeks! 30 weeks! 35 weeks!).  I get so much comfort from our little conversations, knowing that someone is so interested and invested in how my pregnancy is going and how our little babe is developing.  I feel so loved, and I feel so connected in our mutual love of the baby.  

I've seen a whole new side of her start to come out - the grandma side.  She's been knitting blankets, prepping a baby room, and even starting a little library.  I know she has lots of ideas about adventures she'll be taking our baby on.  It's been a long time wish of my mom's to meet her grandchildren, and I can see so much joy in her knowing that her wish is going to come true.   

I'm so grateful that I get to share my motherhood journey with my mom.  She has been so kind and supportive and gracious in listening and responding to my concerns, excitements, and wishes.  I hope someday I'll be able to pass on this same love to my little babe.  

Somehow this is the most recent picture I have of just me and my mom (from last summer).  What are we doing when we're on our mom/daughter dates?  Obviously spending too much time being present and not enough time taking selfies.  Let's work on that mom.  

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  1. Thank you for such a beautiful post. What a grand adventure, bringing a new life into the world. Can't wait to hold you baby! Love you Mar mar---Mom