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Thursday, April 23, 2015

portland baby shower

Pregnancy has been a bit of a roller coaster for me, and I doubt I'm alone in describing at least some part of pregnancy like that.  I spent the first trimester sick on the couch and much of the second trimester distracted with finishing up a bunch of work and feeling like a stranger in my own body.  Now, I'm in the third trimester - aka the home stretch - and I am absolutely loving it. 

Everything feels so real.  We've started the nursery, I'm loving my (very visible) baby bump, I feel the baby move all the time, and we've been showered with showers.

When we were in Portland in March, Paul's family hosted a St. Patrick's day shower for friends and family.  The day was fantastic - super laid back with plenty of love and lemonade and cupcakes.  I brought the camera to the shower but just put other people in charge of it, so many of the pictures turned out to be of us.  And I love them.

I love these pictures - imperfect though they may be - because they capture where we're at right now.  It captures my swollenness, my love of all things baby, Paul's curiosity about a lot of baby things, how happy and excited we both are for this next adventure, and how much we love each other.   

I look at myself in these pictures and just see happiness and joy.  And that really seems to be the theme for this last stage of pregnancy.  I'm excited about everything, and I am loving soaking up these last weeks of pregnancy.  I also look at myself looking at my husband and just see love.  I'm so grateful to be on this journey with Paul by my side and so grateful to be about to share some of the biggest moments of my life with him. 

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