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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

spring fever

Is anyone else feeling winter blues?  Fantasizing about beaches or gardens or issuing an arrest warrant for Puxatony Phil?   

Winter blues hit me hard a few weeks ago.  One day, I suddenly was just completely finished with cold and snow and clouds and coats and boots and empty trees.  I started physically aching for spring.  A look through old pictures of flowers and warm weather almost starting making cry I wanted it so bad.  I'm sure the pregnancy hormones are partly to blame, but this also seems to happen to me every year.  Luckily the feelings never have to last too long, because inevitably spring always seems to show up again.   

This intense spring fever is hitting during one of the busiest time of my pregnancy.  I wrapped up one of my part time jobs last week, and I just finished day 3 of 13 days in a row of retreat leading.  I'm very happy that in just ten more days, I'll be down to working thirty hours a week and will finally have some time to get things in order for our June baby delivery.  

An upside of my current busyness has been a distraction from spring fever.  I don't live in Boston or Maine, but I do live in Wisconsin which should be synonymous with never ending winter.  I know humans have adapted to live in many climates around the world, but I don't think I've adapted yet to living in six months of winter.  

Another nice distraction was the small Oscars party Paul and I hosted for some friends a couple of weeks ago.  We had Oscar cookies, plenty of sparkles, and prediction ballots.  It was very simple, but things like that seem to be necessary in the darkest times of the year.  

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