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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

30 before 30 (update)

In anticipation of celebrating my 30th birthday this Saturday, I revisited my 30 before 30 list last week.  You can do a quick scan down and see I didn't even check a third of my goals off my list.  A friend and I joked that 8 or 12 before 30 had just as nice a ring to it as 30 before 30 does.  At least that's what we'll tell ourselves.
So why did I accomplish so few of the goals I set for myself last April?  I think the big reason is that I simply got distracted.  Distracted by two major things and three kind of major things. Kind of major thing #1: deciding to travel to Iceland in September.  Kind of major thing #2: travelling to several cities in November to present on my Jesuit martyr paintings.  Kind of major thing #3: my artist in residence at Marquette and painting James Foley.  Major thing #1: a job/career change (and everything that went with that).  Major thing #2: getting pregnant (and everything that goes with that).   
Travelling to Iceland ensured that most of my other travel for the year would be very limited.  Travelling and presenting in November took a lot of my focus for the months of October and November - limiting travel time and time to do other simpler things from my list.  My artist in residence cancelled out the other major paintings I wanted to do.  The job/career change took a lot of my time, energy, and focus from about June to March - for reals.  And pregnancy...well pregnancy changed a whole lot of things and shifted a lot of my priorities. 
I say all of that more to myself than anyone else to make me feel a little better when looking at such an unfulfilled goal list.  The truth is that it was really hard to predict in April 2014 what my life would look like in April 2015.  I just didn't imagine the wonderful opportunities that would come my way this year.  I write goal lists in part to help give my life meaning and focus.  And sometimes life just takes on meaning on its own, and I've learned that it works out much better to get myself and my expectations out of the way when this happens. 
As I write this post and go through all the things that I did do this year, I'm totally fine with only checking 8 goals off my list.  I had a wonderful 29th year, and I'm so grateful that I'll that came my way.  I'll do another goal list for this next year, but they will be extremely paired down goals - in number as well as in scope.  I'll share those next week. 
Here are the goals I set out to achieve before my 30th birthday along with links if I wrote blog posts to go along with them. 
1. Finish decorating the apartment

2. Take a French class/do something French (kissing doesn’t count)

3. Read 5 classic books I never got around to reading (from list of 50 books I want to read)

4. Buy a magazine subscription

5. Camp on a beach

6. Stay the night in a yurt

7. Close Wolski’s (for real)

8. Make a go to recipe book

9. Update my blog (for real)

10. Make my own ice cream flavor

11. 30 days apartment photos

12. Fill sketchbook

13. Photo albums: wedding, Europe, Papa 

14. Hike Ice Age Trail (We hiked this right before my morning sickness hit!  Looking at these pictures makes me feel a little nauseas!)

15. Do a weekend getaway out of the Wisconsin travel book

16. Visit a new state

17. Save for retirement

18. Read news habitually

19. Host a dress up party

20. Learn to make a fancy dessert (like macarons or truffles) 

21. Do the big paintings (Romero and Fr. Greg)

22. Organize my files!!

23. Create a garden oasis on our front porch

24. Do something irresponsible (like get a tattoo)

25. Go to the zoo

26. Travel to New Orleans

27. Dip my toes in Lake Superior 

28. Visit a state park

29. Fly a kite

30. Make a fancy dinner
Thanks for reading! 

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