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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

40 letters in 40 days

This Lent I'll be continuing the tradition of writing 40 letters in 40 days.  I thought about not doing it this year with the whole being pregnant thing, but I thought that next year would probably be even harder to write them with an 8th month old crawling around, so I'm giving it another go this year.  Because I'm crazy, I'll also be trying to start a daily pilates routine and will be taking more breaks from my cell phone (because my hand seems to be glued to it lately). 

Here's what I wrote last year about my letter writing tradition.

Last Lent [2013], I started a tradition of writing forty handwritten notes/letters/cards every day for the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter.  Growing up, my parents said it meant more to do something extra for other people rather than give something up for Lent.  Their thought was that God really didn't care if I didn't eat chocolate for forty days, and it wasn't doing anything to help anyone else.  I hope they were right, because a God that supports abstinence from chocolate doesn't sound like a God that I'd like to spend time in Heaven with. 

Though I understand the need for sacrifice and abstinence in some situations - and can see a lot of beauty in fasting traditions in various religions - self-inflicted suffering in winter just doesn't do it for me.  (With this being said, I can see how cutting something negative/draining/harmful out of your life could still be a good thing, I just won't be taking that approach to Lent this year.) 

So instead, this Lent I'll continue my tradition of taking time everyday to remember someone I love.  I see God in my relationships with others, so I will work on strengthening these.  40 letters in 40 days, 40 chances to show someone I care about them.  Changing my approach to Lent helps me shift my understanding of this season to one of love and rememberance rather than a time of pain, suffering, and sadness. 

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