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Monday, January 12, 2015

winter is here (proof in instagrams)

Last week I lead my first seven day retreat for a group of college students.  It was a huge accomplishment in my eyes, and I was really proud of how things went.  Those seven days happened to coincide with the full blown start of winter in Wisconsin -- and lead me to take yet another mini break from blogging.  

When the retreat ended Saturday morning, I drove to one of my favorite spots by the lake to take some photos and to just take a deep breath.  Lake Michigan is beautiful at any time of year, but there's something special about it in winter.  I love the colors, the steam that rises off the water, the way it feels even bigger and more expansive than usual.  

The view of the shoreline is always nice too.  So much snow and ice.  And hardly anyone in sight. 

One of my new year's resolutions was to exercise daily.  I'm counting walking as exercise, as long as I reach at least three miles in a day.  As a result, I've been more diligent about walking the dogs, and I've been taking more pictures than usual to make the walks more interesting.  (I'm sharing photos on Instagram with the hashtag #walkitout2015.)

I've never experienced winters like I've experienced in Wisconsin.  The cold just chills you to the bones - and sometimes even freezes the inside of your nose.  And it seems to last for-ev-er.  But so far this winter I've been finding lots of beautiful things to enjoy and have managed to stay occupied enough that I haven't had any stir crazy or spring fever feelings... yet.  (Updates on that to come.) 

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