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Friday, December 5, 2014

st. nick's ornament tradition

Every year for St. Nick's Day, we receive a special ornament.  The tradition started with my Grandma who had a love for Hallmark ornaments.  St. Nick and Grandma teamed up so that each member of the family received the next ornament in their series.  Some of us lucked out and had series that lasted for years whereas other people got a nice variety of series when one of theirs stopped being produced.  I've had the Mary's Angels series for 27 years now (one of the more recent ones is in the picture above).  My parents still have most of them at their house, though I think I may have brought a few of them back to Milwaukee with me.  Though I'm hoping as I write this that I haven't brought any home since I didn't find them when I unpacked our box of Christmas decorations.  Errr....

I'm really excited to continue this tradition for my own family.  Tomorrow morning Paul and I will have new little ornaments waiting for us in our shoes by the front door.  Love Christmas traditions and St. Nick's Day. 

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