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Thursday, December 4, 2014

our thanksgiving

Paul and I (and Diego and Pedro) spent the Thanksgiving holiday in St. Louis with my family.  I forgot to keep the camera out through the night, but I snapped a few before I got too distracted by food.  Diego was so much better with the family gathering this year.  Last year he barked through the entire night.  It was really ruff.  But this year he won the most improved player award and sat very patiently - and quietly - waiting for pieces of turkey to fall. 

Father in law and son in law carving up the turkey.  Mom in the background making sure the Thanksgiving feast preparations are moving along.  She did so much work to make sure it was a nice holiday for everyone.  Football on in the far background.  

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before that I have the most adorable little cousins on the face of the earth.  This is little Abby working on her Thanksgiving turkey decorations.  She and her sister bring so much joy and laughter to all our family gatherings. 

Turkey turkey!!

I then forgot to take anymore pictures for the rest of the night.  These last two pictures were taken on self timer by Paul for my family's Christmas card.  My brother, my sister, and I waiting for everybody else to get their act together and get in the photo. 

One of the whole family outtakes.  I like this one better than the official Christmas card picture because my smile is actually normal here.  Who cares if the couch is taking up a fourth of the picture?

Hope you all had a fantastic, delicious Thanksgiving!!

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