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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry christmas eve!

I'm recycling another oldie but goodie photo today (can you tell our camera has been acting funky lately?).  Our friend Ben took this picture of us in front of the Pioneer Square Christmas tree in Portland a few years ago.  Judging by my hair color - and only having one ring on my finger - I think it was just a few weeks before we got married.    

I'm at work today, the first day I've worked Christmas Eve maybe ever.  There might have been one Christmas Eve I had to work at the driving range in high school but that would have been over ten years ago.  It feels a little strange not having the day off, but there's also perks to working on Christmas Eve.  Like drinking hot cocoa out of a festive mug, a high ratio of cookies to coworkers, and very few phone calls to make.  Paul and I listened to Christmas music this morning and have plans to shop for makings for our Christmas dinner after work.  

Christmas Eve has always felt like one of the most magical days of the year.  I remember driving home from my uncle's house every Christmas Eve as a kid, so excited that Santa would be coming as soon as we got home and I fell asleep.  We'd pass so many Christmas lights and churches with lots of candles, and our family would be singing along to Christmas songs on the radio.  Christmas Eve was all about anticipation and excitement and promise. Christmas day was always fun too, but as the day went on there was a bit of sadness that such a long anticipated day was about to be over.   This has changed a little as I've gotten older because I appreciate different things about Christmas, but I'll always associate magic with Christmas Eve.  

Today the magic will be doing some shopping and spending time with Paul (and the pups)- without any worries about doing anything except enjoying each other's company tomorrow.  

Merry Christmas Eve!!  

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