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Monday, December 15, 2014

friends holiday market

Last weekend I went to the Milwaukee Friends International Gift Shop.  I had been checking out all the New York City holiday market pictures and trying to figure out how I could visit them for Christmas, when I saw the flyer for this local event.  Instead of flying to New York City and walking around holiday markets in the cold, I opted for walking around this lovely, local, indoor market instead.  

The market included a small pop-up soup café, so before I shopped I indulged in some delicious gypsy and pumpkin peanut butter soup.  (The key was to mix the two soups together -- yummmm.)

I ran into some friends while here and had fun catching up before I checked out the stands.  We've lived in Milwaukee for a little over four years now, and we've reached the point where we can run into people we know all over the city.  It's a nice feeling to not be completely anonymous here. 

I picked out a couple of ornaments from this stand to give as gifts.  They were so pretty, unique, and affordable! 

I chose a couple of chocolate packs from this stand for mine and Paul's stockings.  Now I just need to get us some stockings. 

And lastly, I bought the last $5 Wisconsin ornament to hang on our tree.  We don't have much Wisconsin stuff, and I thought ornaments are a safe Wisconsin themed decoration to start with. 

Thanks for checking out my pictures!  I'm excited to share a few more posts this week.  I'm finally getting back into blogging after taking unplanned but necessary hiatus.  

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