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Monday, December 22, 2014

12 posts of christmas

This is a round up of my 12 favorite posts of Christmas since I started the blog.  They're fairly random, but it made me happy to look through these Christmas memories. Paul and I are going to be staying in Milwaukee for Christmas, so we've had our first chance to make this holiday all our own.  Looking back through old Christmas photos is great for some Christmas ideas :)

1. One of mine and Paul's dates of Christmas from last year.  When we were supposed to catch a train from Richmond to DC to fly home from a visit with friends, but instead ice kept the train from moving and we had to spend lots of moolah to change our flights to the next day.  A good cup of tea and time with Paul helped me have a better perspective on the situation.  

2. The best Christmas book ever.

3. Our first Christmas card. We went all out thanks to a good Shutterfly coupon.

4. Cookies from the first cookie exchange party I hosted.

5. Our first Christmas tree.  Check out my red hair!!

6. A holiday lyric painting.  The first of many I've done.

7. Ice skating with my cousins last year.  When I remembered how painful ice skating can be.

8. Pedro's Merry Christmas outfit.  He obviously loved it.

9. One of the best Christmas presents I've received in recent memory.  A family recipe book from my sister.  Every single one of my mom's dessert recipes all copied in one book.  

10. Our December trip to Richmond last year.  Included a tour of Richmond's tacky lights.   

11. Our St. Nick's ornament tradition.  Every year for over 25 years I've received a Mary's Angel ornament for St. Nick's Day.  Now Paul has been lucky enough to get into the tradition too.  

12. Christmas in Seattle and Portland two years ago.  I remember how wonderful the weather was and fun it was to see Christmas in different cities.  

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