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Monday, December 29, 2014

10 favorite posts of 2014

I'll be sharing a few 2014 round up posts this week, and I am super excited about it.  I love the transition from one year to the next.  All the "best of" lists and all the goal setting.  Today, I'm sharing my top ten favorite posts of 2014.  These weren't necessarily the posts that got the most views or were the most popular.  These were the posts that I look back at and think - yeah, nailed it with that one.
1. Starting the new year on the Oregon Coast.  The post itself was reflective of living away from both our families, but it was the pictures I loved.  I still need to print these off. 

2. Perfecting my vanilla cupcake recipe.  Ironically after this I didn't make cupcakes for the rest of the year.  Go figure. 

3. My winter Instagram photo album.  I liked this one because it was representative of how I tried (and succeeded) to thrive last winter.  It was a brutal one with lots of polar vortexes, but I didn't let it stop me from doing cool stuff.  Also loved how the album turned out. 

4. My winter road trip to St. Louis.  I like this post because of the pictures.  I took all these by holding my camera up and just snapping out the window.  Winter landscapes can be so beautiful. 

5. Making macarons.  I was really proud of how these turned out - especially since it was my first attempt at making them.  I'd love to make them again soon. 

6. Reflecting on when dreams come true.  Thinking about the hopes I had for me and Paul in our new apartment and being patient for some of our dreams to come to fruition. 

7. A simple photo collage I put together as part of my 101 goals in 1001 days challenge.  I liked how it captures what our lives look like right now (or about a year or two ago).  It hangs in our art room now. 

 8. This post about my first porch garden.  I loved all my garden posts really because they documented something that was so special to me, but this one had some good pictures of everything at its height. 

9. Making earl grey lavender ice cream.  Gosh this was so good.  I'd make it for myself every week and have it for breakfast in lieu of my daily cup of tea if it was socially acceptable.  

 10. All my travel posts but especially my posts from Iceland, Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, and Baltimore.  We got to go to some great places this year, and happily my camera helped us document them all.  

Thanks for reading!  And thank you so much for following along all year.  It means so much you continue to read and follow my musings!

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