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Friday, October 3, 2014

vintage cakes

A few weeks ago I promised a peek inside the latest pretty book I checked out from the library: Vintage Cakes.  Author and baker Julie Richardson includes some of her most popular and delicious cake in this cookbook.  Some of which I was lucky enough to sample at the Cakery during my last visit to Portland!  I still haven't tried making a cake from the cookbook, and I think it might have to wait until my baking habit kicks back in in December.  But I promise to share photos from all my vintage cake baking endeavors with you :)

This is the Cakery's most famous cake and the one I would really love to learn how to make.  I can bake pretty well, but I've never tried making a layer cake.  I imagine I could make it, especially with practice, but something about the stacking just seems pretty intimidating.  But I think the final product would be worth facing that fear. 

Can you imagine making this?  How fun would that be to try to eat?

My mom used to make Texas Sheet Cake pretty often when we were growing up.  It was my brother's absolute favorite.  Make sure to enjoy with a large glass of milk.

Hope you enjoyed this dose of Friday cakes.  And hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  1. They all look delicious! Cakes, if only i knew how to bake (i'd eat cakes everyday!)

  2. The look sooo delicious! Anytime is a good time for cake!