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Thursday, October 9, 2014

tosa farmers market

Last weekend a friend invited me to walk around the Tosa Farmers Market with her.  It was a chilly fall morning, and I got to bust out a scarf and knitted hat for the first time this season.  The Tosa Farmers Market is located in a big park aright along a river and is surrounded by gorgeous color this time of year.  We purposely parked far away so we could walk along the park path to the market. 

(Pictured above: lots of beautiful flowers, green beans, onions, beets/turnips/mysterious vegetable, ground cherries, potatoes, and cucumbers.)

It's easy for me to forget about farmers markets this time of year since I'm not really gardening anymore.  But this is such a great time to pick up produce -- and flowers!  Markets still have lots of great produce, and there's no better place to buy squash, pumpkins, apples, and apple cider. 


My friend bought her family a package of these doughnuts.  I was super jealous as I had already run out of cash and just let my mouth water as I took pictures.

This is a fall farmers market: tomatoes and pumpkins!

I bought a cup of cider to sip as I walked around and also bought a butternut squash and leeks to make golden winter soup.  The rest of my $10 went to a few cucumbers to make my favorite juice and some delicious lettuce that's been the main ingredient in some great salads I've had this week.

Here's a view of the river that runs along side the farmers market.  Check out those changing leaves!  And below is the bridge we walked across - complete with a passing train! 

Do you have a favorite farmers market? 

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