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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

the hand knitting association of iceland

We're coming to the last of the Iceland posts.  I've enjoyed posting about our vacation in broken up segments.  It helps that post-vacation-high linger a little longer.  Today I'm sharing photos of my favorite Icelandic souvenir (my only souvenir other than the art postcards I bought at the art museum). 

Besides natural wonders and fermented shark, Iceland is also well known for its wool and hand knitted sweaters.  In Iceland, everybody who's anybody wears hand knitted, nicely patterned sweaters.  Even hipsters wear them!  So of course, I had to jump on the band wagon and get my own Icelandic sweater to keep me warm for the upcoming Milwaukee winter. 

I bought my sweater at the Hand Knitting Association of Iceland located in the heart of Reykjavik.  The association was founded in 1977 and has about 200 current members, mostly women who knit on the side to supplement their families' incomes.  I was happy to support such a cool organization.  
I picked out a pretty simple pattern with green snowflakes on a white background.  It was pretty difficult making a decision as there were tons of patterns and color combinations (and I was with a group of 7!  It's always tough for me to make a good decision when I know others are waiting for me.)  Luckily my friend Becca gave me the thumbs up, and I had my new Icelandic sweater in no time. 

I hadn't thought ahead about buying any other knitted goods, but when I saw their blankets I decided we needed one of these to keep us warm too.  A lot of the blankets had more traditional colors (one even had puffins!), but this color combo was too good to pass up.  I am a sucker for pinks and purples.


We've had this blanket on our bed for the past few chilly nights, and it's kept us very cozy!  Thanks to whichever Icelandic mama will be keeping me warm this winter :)

What's a favorite souvenir of yours? 

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  1. Great choice on the sweater. It should keep you warm during the cold Milwaukee winter. Love that a local person created it!!!