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Monday, October 6, 2014

october four simple goals

Each month I'll be sharing four simple goals on the blog.  You can join along by making your own four simple goals for the month - things that you might not do if you didn't commit to it, but not anything that feels overwhelming or that can't get done in a 28/30/31 day period.  You can also use my monthly image (below) on your own blog if you'd like, just link back to here and share a link to your blog below in the comments section so I can check it out! 

This month feels like it's going to be one of my favorites of the year.  Fall is in full swing, the colors are beautiful, and things feel cozy.  We've been listening to more music around our apartment, a lot of First Aid Kit and .  We've got some fun simple things planned for the month like having a Great Pumpkin night, a canning workshop, and a concert in Chicago. 

It's also the calm before the storm.  Next month I'll be travelling to five cities to do presentations on paintings I did a few years ago.  I am super excited, but I know that November will be crazy.  And then we'll go right into Christmas season.  So I'm looking forward to soaking things up this month and making extra time to relax before the craziness begins. 

1. Start the painting: Because my talks next month are about paintings I did seven years ago, one question I inevitably will be asked is "what have you been painting lately?"  I've painted little things in the past few years, but I haven't undertaken anything as big as the painting project I'll be speaking about.  I've had an idea for another large portrait, and I'd like to start it this month so I can answer honestly that I have something cool in the works. 

2. Prepare the talks: this is not actually a simple goal.  But it's going to occupy so much of my time this month that I wanted to "get credit" for it.  I'll be giving about eight talks in five cities about these paintings I completed in college.  And this is the month I put everything together.  No small task, but I think it will be enjoyable. 

3. Find joy in Autumn: I have been loving this theme for my Instagram challenge.  There's already 80 photos on the feed!!  I love the photos that have been posted, and they've been really inspiring to me.  I want to keep this great feeling going and take time to enjoy all the little things I love about this season. 

4. Journal often: Journaling helps me be present, slow down, and recognize little gifts and joys in my life that I otherwise might miss.  This is actually a simple goal :)

What's on your goal list for this month? 


  1. One of my daily goals is to journal everyday and for the most part I do! Great goal!

  2. That's such a great habit to get into! Thanks for reading!