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Thursday, October 30, 2014

life lately

Things have been very quiet around here lately, and I have really missed posting.  I've been under the weather lately and life has consisted of working (kind of) and sleeping (a lot).  I've been text complaining to my mom a lot, and to her credit she has been very patient with me.  A little long distance sympathy and smily emoticons are sometimes just what the doctor ordered.  

And because I don't have any good pictures or post worthy topics, here are a few fun things that have happened over the past week or so.  

  • Had a successful garden canning workshop.  This was our second annual workshop, and it was very much enjoyed by the few of us that were there.  We canned homemade apple butter, and it's been a big hit with all my friends who have tried it. 
  • Diego ate our camera memory card and all the canning workshop pictures that were still on it.  (This is not a fun fact, just a fact.)
  • I've rediscovered my love for Harry Potter.  I've watched the third, fifth, and sixth movies (all the ones I own), am reading the seventh book, and listening to the sixth book on tape.  I'm obsessed.  
  • A week after the canning workshop we cleaned up our garden plots for the season.  This was my last season as the garden director, and I was really happy to have a nice event as a mini send off.  
  • Christmas is only 55 days away!!!  I love fall, but I am so ready for Christmas time -- Christmas lights, trees, music -- can't wait!!!

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  1. Hi Mary! I haven't seen anything on your blog in a couple weeks. Hope all is well. I miss your posts! PS. We all LOVE the popsicle book and the holders! Thanks again.

    Anne in Colorado