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Thursday, October 2, 2014

finding joy in autumn: apple picking

Last weekend my friends and I went on our 5th annual trip to Barthel Fruit Farm for apple picking/pumpkin gazing.  This trip combined five of my favorite things: apple picking, fall, traditions, friends, and caramel apples.  Now I have apple sauce and apple pie on the brain.  That might have to be a project for this weekend.  
The apples that didn't quite make it...but luckily nature has a way of not letting anything go to waste.  These will help make rich soil for next year's apples. 

Apple booty!

Since we've been going to the same farm for the past few years - and because I usually document it here on the blog - I was challenged this year to find new ways of photographing everything.  It made things more interesting.  

I picked up a couple of these pumpkins to try my hand at from-scratch-pumpkin-pie again this year.  The past few times I've tried it the pumpkin retains too much liquid, and I end up with pumpkin custard instead of pumpkin pie.  Still good, but not quite what I had hoped for.  Anybody have any good recipes for pumpkin pie made from real pumpkins?


So much autumn beauty!  Loved this trip and how beautiful everything was.

Apple picking 2013, pumpkin picking 2012.

P.S. Have you participated in the Finding Joy in Autumn Instagram challenge yet?  Just add the hashtag #findingjoyinautumn to join the challenge!  We're building quite a beautiful feed.  I recommend checking it out! 

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