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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

september goals check in

Before telling you how I did with my goals this month, I wanted to share a bit of how I've enjoyed doing the monthly four simple goals challenge this year.  For new readers: each month I set four simple goals for myself then recap my experience at the end of the month.  My challenges are inspired by the fabulous Elsie of A Beautiful Mess.  

I've realized that most months I will only achieve one to two goals, good months I'll achieve three, fantastic months I'll get all four.  So why do I keep doing this if I'm not achieving 100% of the goals I set for myself?  For one, I love setting goals.  It works well for me as a fun way to be productive.  Two, I think reaching 25-75% of my goals is better than reaching 0% of goals I don't set for myself.  Every month I end up getting at least something done that I wouldn't have if I didn't try making myself accountable by posting about in on the blog.  

So what about all those goals that I don't check off my list?  Sometimes it's something that I still really want to do and it gets added to next month's (unpublished) list.  Sometimes I realize it's something that I just don't actually want to do - it sounds fun while writing my list but in reality I don't actually feel like doing it.  

Maybe at the end of the year I'll do a round up post with all the goals that I actually accomplished this year.  Could be fun to see the outcome of this challenge.  And now, this month's recap.    

1. Buy new glasses: Didn't end up doing the online ordering like I thought I was going to, but I did find out I could buy glasses from Costco for a reduced price.  I'll be doing that (hopefully) soon!

2. 5k training: I hit an unexpected road block with this goal (see -- always need to be flexible with your goal setting and achievement!).  I realized the hard way that my alignment while squating and running was not right.  I started having a lot of pain in my left knee whenever I bent my leg (pretty much all the time).  I was really brave and went to see a physical therapist and was given some simple exercises that corrected my alignment and very quickly minimized the pain.  It wasn't in time for 5k training, but it will allow me to do more 5k training in the future because I'm taking better care of my muscles and joints.  

3. Raise money for AFSP: I am proud to say that I've been doing pretty well with this.  Paul and I will be walking in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention next weekend, and together we've raised a few hundred dollars.  We'll be walking for a family member and a friend, and we're hopeful our efforts will help the prevention of suicide.  

4. Close Wolski's: I had a day all scheduled to close Wolski's.  I had picked a Sunday evening, thinking that it would let me close Wolski's and get to sleep at a reasonable time.  And then I called them to confirm their Sunday hours.  And they said they close at 2 am.  2 am!!  Who can stay up that late???  Not this girl.  Closing Wolski's may eventually happen, but it's going to be on some night where I'm already feeling a little crazy - and I definitely do not have to work in the morning.   

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