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Friday, September 5, 2014

porch garden

Here are a few photos of my porch garden for this Friday afternoon.  You may notice there's not a lot of difference between these and the photos I shared a couple of weeks ago.  The combination of our mild summer and the slightly lessened sunlight on the porch has led to slow growth in this year's plants.  I'm not complaining though.  I love my first porch garden, and I appreciate that it hasn't required a ton of work to keep up.  Here's some close ups of my porch plants.  

Here's evidence of something else that has stunted the growth of my plants: mischievous beagles.  Pedro and Diego have a taste for garden dirt, and they've knocked over a few plants and eaten around a few others to get to my potting soil.  They mostly killed this yellow flowering plant - even with putting a potted nasturtium close by to block them.  Beagles: the biggest hazard to a porch garden. 

This tomato plant also got the beagle treatment.  The beagles somehow discovered what tomatoes were, and then climbed on and around my other potted plants to get to them.  I can't figure out if they like the taste of them or not.  They knocked most of the green tomatoes off, and then kind of chewed and batted them around on the porch.  Can't say that I would do the same thing to green tomatoes but to each their own I guess. 

My other tomato plant hasn't faired too well either, but not because of the beagles.  This is the only tomato that's grown on the whole plant, and I'm not actually sure why.  I think the flowers haven't been pollinated since I haven't seen many bees up on our porch.  Maybe we'll just need to get our own hive??  Eh...probably not.  I think I'll opt for bee attracting flowers next season.  

This squash plant got the same treatment as the cherry tomato plant.  I think Pedro must think it's a mini tennis ball.  This is the last baby squash on the plant, and I'm crossing my fingers it survives long enough for me to harvest it. 

I was pleasantly surprised that the small plant I've been growing from seed turned out to be a ground cherry plant.  None of the "cherries" are ripe yet, but the early ones I've sampled have some potential.  

And the other surprise plant grown from seed - a violet plant.  It grew in the pot I had planted an annual in, one that subsequently died.  I saw that some green leaves were popping up, so kept watering it, and the leaves turned into a violet plant.  These are the kinds of surprises that make gardening so much fun.  

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