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Monday, September 29, 2014

hallgrímskirkja church

I love visiting churches.  I love seeing how people honor what they find sacred.  It says so much about the people and the culture who built it/them.  In Iceland we visited Hallgrímskirkja church, a Lutheran parish church designed by Guðjón Samuel in 1937 and constructed from 1945 to 1986.  The statue in front of the church is of Leifur Eiriksson (the first European to discover America!) and was a gift from the United States to Iceland in 1930, the 1000 year anniversary of the founding of their parliament at Þingvellir.  

I thought the starkness of the church was so interesting compared to the churches we saw in Europe last year.  It exemplified Iceland to me - so European but so different.  Iceland is a place all its own.  

Thanks for checking out my photos!  Hope you enjoyed them.  

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