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Friday, August 1, 2014

this week in the garden

Last weekend some of my fellow gardeners and I spent a Saturday cleaning up the community garden.  We weeded the herb circle, took care of the strawberry plants, and attacked the thistle.  We're hoping that chopping off the tops of the thistle will keep them from going to seed and propagating even more than they have done over the past couple of years.

Things in the garden are just gorgeous right now.  I'm especially in love with the herb circle - the borage, chamomile, and dill complement each other so well and the colors all pop. 

The thyme has also gone to flower recently.  I love the delicate purple flowers. 

We've had such a cool summer that the tomatoes are growing pretty slowly.  Luckily the plant has some flowers, so hopefully that means I'll have some tomatoes to eat in the not too distant future.

I am so happy with how my nasturtiums are looking!  Due to last year's success growing them, I picked a few additional varieties to grow, and they are all so colorful!  The ones below remind me of a creamsicle. 

The other big garden success story this season is my kale. After my lettuce finished, my kale was free to grow to its heart's content.  And grow it has.  It tastes delicious, and since my CSA has less kale than usual this season, I'm really glad I decided to grow it.  I have been officially converted to a kale lover. 

And last but not least, our three educational plots are all growing really well.  We have a bean plot, a three sisters' plot (corn, beans, and squash), and a potato plot.  You can see our corn above.  It's a couple feet taller than me at this point!  Can't wait to taste it! 

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