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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the porch garden

My favorite oasis this summer has been our little porch garden.  I had big dreams for it, and I'm happy to say my little porch garden has lived up to a bit of my dreams.  

Over the past month I was so busy that the only time I spent on the porch was pure relaxation.  Which was absolutely awesome.  When things slowed down last week, I realized that the garden could use a little TLC.  I pulled a few weeds, replanted a few things, and snapped a few shots. 

The whole process felt so rejuvenating.  Like a reawakened hobby.  And I think the plants appreciated it too.  

Things have been growing slowly this summer.  The weather has been cool, and my pots don't get as much sunlight as I'd like.  So the basil is tiny and the tomatoes are few, but just the process of growing has been relaxing and rejuvenating.  And that's exactly what porch gardens are for right? 

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