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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

holy hill

Last weekend, Paul and I took his dad to Holy Hill, the tallest point in Southeastern Wisconsin.  We thought we would knock two things off the site seeing list and hike a bit of the Ice Age Trail too.  But, the Ice Age trailhead wasn't marked very well, and we took the stations of the cross path up to the top of Holy Hill instead.  It was still pretty cool, but it means we'll have to make another trip for me to cross an Ice Age hike off my goal list.  Above you can see one of the stone path markers on the way up the hill.   

The woods were really beautiful.  I always love when religious sites are integrated into really beautiful parts of nature. 

At the top of Holy Hill is the National Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians.  It's a Catholic shrine dedicated to Mary.  The church had a gorgeous style, some breath taking mosaics, cool windows, and a great view to boot! 

We continued our hike all the way up one of the basilica's towers -- all 178 steps!  I have to say it was a little easier than climbing up the Arc de Triomphe or to the second level of the Eiffel Tower.


The view from the top.  We made it!

The view of the other tower.  Paul enjoyed pointing out that this tower only had a ladder going up inside - no stairs.  I decided I was just fine enjoying the stairs in our tower - no several story ladder for this girl.


This is a view of some of the artwork inside the shrine.  I really liked the different colored marble and the lighting highlighting some of the mosaics. 

I'd love to paint a ceiling like this some day.  This reminded me of one of the church ceilings we saw in Paris last summer.  Probably why I liked this one so much. 

Thanks for taking a lot at my pictures of Holy Hill.  If you're ever in the Milwaukee area in the fall, I recommend taking a drive out to Holy Hill to get a view of all the beautiful trees changing colors.  Actually, that'll be happening here before I know it.  I am not ready for that!  Summer, please stay forever!  Or at least just a few more months. 

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