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Friday, August 15, 2014

four simple goals: july (recap)

It feels like I blinked and suddenly July was over, and I was half way into August.  Thanks to switching from working a full time to now working two part time jobs, I completely missed sharing my four simple July goals update.  I didn't even remember to set four simple goals for August.  But don't worry, I'll be getting back on the wagon and setting my goals for September. 

I felt so proud of the goals I accomplished in July that I still wanted to share them -- even though July is a few weeks past. 

1. I gave my best at roller derby, and I passed my 101 level WFTDA skills test!  This was a huge accomplishment for me because I really had to push myself to skate faster and with greater skill than I had done before.  Since I passed the test, I can now skate with the more advanced skaters in the rec league, learn how to make contact, and learn more about how to actually play derby.  Up until now, I was developing my basic skating skills.  For safety reasons, the league makes sure you can stay on your skates before adding hitting and blocking - which makes perfect sense to me! 

2. If you're a returning reader, you've probably noticed that my blog has a new look.  I put a lot of work into switching my blog platform from Weebly to Blogger and to update the overall design of my blog.  I'm really, really happy with how it looks, and I feel like it reflects my style much better than my last blog design.  I feel like I can grow with this design and keep adding fun elements to continue strengthening the quality of Finding Joy.  I hope you enjoy the new look - feel free to let me know what you think of it!

3. Total fail: did not send any photos to friends.  Look for this goal to end up on future goal lists.

4. I was also really proud of how I took time for myself in the midst of a very busy and very stressful month.  There's a line in one of my favorite Youtube meditation videos that says "the world will not come to an end because you are taking time for yourself."  This thought has stayed with me and has shifted the way I think about productivity.  Giving 100% of my time to a task doesn't actually help me finish faster or work better.  In fact, I become tired more quickly and burn out. 

This month I felt inspired to take mini breaks in the middle of tasks to calm down and relax.  The importance of self care was reaffirmed for me: I emerged from a crazy time more centered and calm than if I had pushed myself and not paid attention to my needs.  Nothing fell apart, nothing failed - I was completely successful!  Yay for taking time for self care!

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