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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

rocky butte

Things are slightly chaotic in my life right now with transitioning to working at two part time jobs and being in the height of summer activity.  I feel like I need a week long retreat!!  But until I get time for that retreat, I'll calm myself with photos from relaxing places I've visited.  Like these photos from our trip to Portland a few weeks ago. 

Friends of ours took us on a quick scenic drive to Joseph Wood Hill Park, at the top of Rocky Butte on our way to the airport.  A beautiful stone structure was added to the top of the Butte as a WPA project, and it offers amazing views of the mountain tops surrounding the Portland area.  It's one of those out of the way scenic views that we never would have known was there if someone hadn't shown us.   

A no-longer-in-service beacon stands in the center of the park and has been preserved for it's historical awesomeness. 

The views were absolutely amazing.  A large stone "map" points the way to the different peaks visible from the Butte.  We had a pretty clear day for viewing, but it was still difficult to see all of the peaks. 

View of downtown Portland and one of its bridges spanning the Willamette River. 

I think this is Mt. Hood...or maybe it's Mt. Rainier.  A lot of these mountains look the same to this Midwestern girl.

I believe this is Mt. St. Helens (you can tell it's Mt. St. Helens because it's peak was blown off in the volcanic explosion in 1980).  But I'm sure Paul, my go-to volcano expert will let me know if I've switched up the mountains. 

And with that I'm putting in my official request to be transferred to this park for the rest of the day.  Anybody else want to have a picnic with me?  You can come if you promise to bring a book and are ok with "hanging out" being loosely defined as "reading in the same vicinity." 

(Has anyone else been thinking of Finding Nemo while reading this??  Nemo touched the "butte"!)


  1. The first mountain is Mt. Hood (Rainier wasn't "out" that day - and would be much smaller if it was!). Beautiful photos of a lovely morning!

    1. Thanks Becca! And thanks for taking us to visit :) Maybe we can check out another hill on our next visit?

  2. Okay I don't know if my last comment went through... so I'm posting it again!

    I'm in for the picnic! With a book. I love reading with people and not talking ;) Your pics are lovely! Isn't Portland great? Did you make it up to Seattle by chance? xo

    1. Book picnics are the best :) And yes, I love Portland. I wish I could spend all summer out there. We made it up to Seattle too; I'll be sharing photos from our trip tomorrow!