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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

my mom's garden

The older I get, the more I appreciate my parents and the more thankful I am for my relationship with them.  Unlike my teenage self, my adult self doesn't deny the existence of shared traits and mannerisms.  I love talking about shared interests, and I can finally appreciate their advice and life experience and don't try to do the exact opposite of what they suggest.  I've been around long enough to know that not everyone has this type relationship with their parents, and while I'm sure some people wouldn't want it, I know I have something to be thankful for.  

I've recently come to embrace mine and my mom's shared love for gardening.  Growing up, I didn't care much for gardening -- or for watering -- or for waiting around in gardening shops while my mom picked out her annuals.  A few years later, and I'm now the director of a community garden and the proud cultivator of a burgeoning porch garden.  What can I say?  I couldn't fight my gardening genes forever. 

My mom and I are best gardening buddies - sharing seeds, tips, and notes about where our gardens are at.  My mom always wins these comparisons.  Partly because her climate is way better than mine, and partly because her thumb is still way greener than mine.  I can expect weekly updates (texts, photos, and instagrams!) on the progress of my mom's harvest.  These cucumbers were a recent gift from my mom's garden, and they made a delicious cucumber pineapple juice. 



One of my favorite things about gardening is that you can continue the hobby as long as you want.  With the availability of raised beds and accessible gardening set ups, my mom and I could be trading gardening tips for decades to come.  And that is a really comforting thought. 


These photos are all from a recent trip Paul and I took to St. Louis.  Because, as I said, no visit is complete without a garden tour. 

It looks like I might have passed on the gardening genes to a cute little beagle.  That or he smells a rabbit. 

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