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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

more hartford

Paul and I took a trip to Hartford, Connecticut, a few weeks ago to visit his old stomping grounds.  We stayed with some of his old friends and visited a few of his favorite spots.  The iris were in bloom while we there, and we got in just before the summer weather really took hold.  It was beautiful. 

We tried visiting the art museum, but it was closed.  I still thought the architecture was picture worthy though.

We also stopped by Mark Twain's house (that's lego Mark Twain above).  I hadn't realized Mark Twain had lived in Hartford because I always associate him with Hannibal, Missouri.  This was the house he had built to help establish himself in the upper class, and he lived here with his wife and children.  We took one of the guided tours and got to see the room where he wrote some of his most famous books.  The tour guides were a little quirky, but what history buff isn't a little out there?

Until next time Hartford!

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