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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

june check in

So was anyone else aware that June was only about five days long?  Because seriously, this month went by in the blink of an eye.  Why is it that the prettiest, warmest months always seem to go so much faster than those cold, dark months?  It's one of those mysteries that I'll never be able to figure out.  Without further complaining, here is my check in for my four simple goals for June. 

1. Travel healthy: I was out of town for 9/30 days this month, and I found having this goal in the back of my mind was helpful for keeping myself healthy.  I brought my water bottle everywhere with me, took lots of walk breaks, didn't use vacation as an excuse to eat tons of sweets, and even exercised a few times.  I'm pretty proud of myself for really sticking to this goal. 

2. Plan garden recipes: I bought an A to Z vegetable recipe book through my CSA which has been helping me come up with creative ways to cook all the veggies coming from the CSA, the garden, and the farmers market.  Our CSA also has a helpful idea page on their website each week with suggestions for how to cook the vegetables in that week's share.  I'm happy to report, having good recipe ideas has helped us avoid composting/wasting our veggies.  Progress!

3. Upload photos: Big fail!  After setting this goal, I promptly changed my mind and began working on something else.  Instead of uploading photos I've been putting a lot of work into my blog redesign.  I'm hopeful I'll be able to launch it next month!!  Get excited for an awesome new look at Finding Joy in All Things!

4. Be present: This is one of those areas I'll always be working to improve at.  There were a few times this month when I purposely hid my phone away, ignored chores, and postponed other responsibilities so I could just sit and be.  And a lot of this "being" happened on our porch.  Paul and I agree it's the best part of our apartment.  Oh porches and summer, you really are the best combination. 

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