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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ithica and new york

A few weeks ago, I travelled to New York with Paul for the wedding of one of my old Jesuit Volunteer Corps roommates.  Her wedding was in Rochester, and since we aren't able to go the East Coast as often as we'd like, we decided to extend our trip to visit New York City and Hartford to visit friends.  On our road trip down to NYC, we stopped for lunch in Ithica, one of my favorite upstate New York cities.  The day was so perfectly sunny, and my heart was so happy to be amongst rolling New York hills. 

Ithica is great for hippy restaurants and shops.  I had the best veggie avocado wrap and stole some inspiration from a local green living shop.  Check out that gorgeous Kinfolk Table book!

During our extremely-quick-less-than-24-hour-trip to NYC, we did a LOT of walking and managed to see six friends (five adults + one toddler).  We took approximately as many photos with our camera, but I luckily snapped a few more with my iphone.  

Something clicked between me and NYC this trip.  I have to confess that in the past I didn't get what the big deal was with NYC.  But during this trip, I just loved all the sites, all the people, all the diversity.  If it wasn't so far away and wasn't so expensive, I would definitely consider a move to the Big Apple.  

One of my favorite parts of our trip was our visit to High Line Park (with Stumptown tea in hand) and our dash through Chelsea Market.  I was trying to find People's Pops to get a popsicle.  We ended up finding their stand, but they only accepted cash, and we were so short on time with needing to catch our train that I had to skip it!  What a travesty!  Guess it means I'll just have to make my own from their fantastic book until I can visit NYC again. 

High Line Park is a new attraction in NYC and is pretty much what it sounds like: a park on old raised train tracks.  Walking through the blocks long park you're surrounded by plants and trees and can feel the city quiet.  Seeing so much green in the city might have been partly responsible for my new found love of NYC. 

(One of the only pictures Paul took during our night time walk around the Times Square/Central Park area.  Obviously this man has his priorities.)

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