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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

four simple goals: july

July is slowly making its way onto my top favorite months of the year list.  Possibly because it starts off with a holiday, and definitely because it's a full month of summer.  You really don't need goals in summer because there's so much fun to be had, but for consistency's sake, I'm sharing a new four simple goals list. 

1. Give my best at derby: I've mentioned that I participate in a recreation roller derby league.  The league is separated into three levels.  101s: the ladies who are mastering the basics.  201s: the ladies who have passed the minimum skills test and can begin learning to make contact with other skaters.  301s: the ladies who have mastered basic contact and can scrimmage with other leagues.  I'm finishing my second 10 week session as a 101, and I have my second skills test coming up this weekend.  If I can pass my basic skills test, I can become a 201.  I can't quite skate fast enough (I'm 1.25 laps short of the 25 laps in 5 minutes requirement), so I might not pass this session.  My goal is just to give my best and as they say in derby - "to leave it all on the track." 

2. Launch blog update: I've been making great progress on a blog update for the past few weeks, and I'm getting very close to being ready to launch a new blog update.  I'm setting my sites on my second blogiversary (this Friday!!) for officially announcing a launch date.  I am so excited to share my new look with you!!

3. Send photos to friends: After becoming the unofficial photographer for my group of friends, I have failed to follow through on an essential photographer role: actually sending the photos to people!   

4. Take time for myself: We have plans for every weekend this month and have something scheduled for many weekday nights as well.  Being this busy is natural in summer, but it can be draining as well.  To balance out the busy, I'm going to take time for myself - postponing lesser responsibilities as necessary to do things that help me feel calm and peaceful. 

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