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Thursday, July 24, 2014

baltimore inner harbor


I'm continuing with the travel post theme this week with the last of my photos from Baltimore.  I travelled there for my first official work conference at the beginning of June - which now sounds like a lifetime ago.  Since then, I've been to two weddings, travelled to St. Louis twice, flew to Seattle and Portland, went camping in Northern Wisconsin, saw Lady Gaga, and accepted a new part time job -- all in a seven week span!  Reading all that makes me want to take a nap. 
With the craziness of summer in full swing, I've been trying to take small breaks throughout my day and stick with a regular routine as much as possible.  
And now, back to Baltimore.   

I had last been to Baltimore about six years ago when I was doing my year of service on the East Coast.  But I somehow missed this whole area of the city.  Luckily our hotel was located right on the harbor giving me the chance to take a lovely evening photo walk.   

The weather couldn't have been more perfect during my trip.  Nice warm days with bright blue skies. 

The only thing cooler than all the large boats around the inner harbor was the ginormous Barnes & Noble.  With all the time I spend at libraries, I've barely set foot in an actual book store for years, but this was a cool bookstore to check out.  The inside still had a warehouse feel with large old timey photos of the Baltimore area. 

I opted not to rent any paddle boats, preferring to watch all the families and couples enjoying their time from the safety of the pier.

I walked so long I watched the sun go down and the harbor lights come on.  This long walk was a much needed balance to sitting inside hotel conference rooms all day listening to well informed, but pretty boring talks.  And that's really what this summer has been about for me: finding balance.  In the midst of lots and lots of activity, I'm finding ways to slow down and enjoy one of my favorite times of year -- before it flies by and we're welcoming the beginning of fall once again.

How do you find balance in the busy summer months?