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Friday, July 18, 2014

adventures in wildwood

I love books that I can escape into, books that make me yearn to be part of a world created by an author.  My current favorite escape books are the Wildwood Chronicles by Colin Meloy.  The books are a modern day Chronicles of Narnia-type series based in Portland, Oregon.  The heroine of the books, young Prue McKeel, ventures into "The Impassable Wilderness" and discovers a new world - populated by an evil queen, Wildwood bandits, and talking animals.  
I love how imaginative this series is -- and I also love that I can actually visit the Impassable Wilderness!  The "Narnia" of these books is Portland's Forest Park, the largest urban park in the United States -- 5,157 acres!  Paul and I took an urban hike through Forest Park during our last visit, and while I didn't see any talking animals, I did feel pretty excited to be in the setting of one of my favorite books. 

Portland has such easy access to so many beautiful areas.  I appreciate that their city planners took care to maintain a lot of the land's natural beauty when building roads and houses. 


The giant sequoias don't come up in the Wildwood Chronicles, but they're still pretty neat.  

Ah Wildwood.  Since I can't visit Portland as often as I'd like, I guess I'll just have to indulge my fantasies by reading more Wildwood Chronicles.  

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