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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

four simple goals: june

I'm excited to post my four simple goals for June today. I've been really enjoying setting these goals each month, and I've been learning about the best ways for me to approach goal setting. If you've been following my progress with this feature this year, you may have noticed that I really only check off about half my goal (two of four) each month. Four months in I've realized its because I can have unrealistic expectations about what I can get done in a thirty day time period. So for June I'm making goals that are actually simple - and hopefully easier to accomplish in one month.

1. Travel healthy: I'm traveling a couple of times and this month, and I don't want to slack off on some of the healthy habits I've started just because I'm not at home. My hope is to drink lots of water, to exercise and walk, and to make good food choices.

2. Plan garden recipes: It's almost time to start harvesting veggies from the garden and for our CSA deliveries to begin. I'd like to gather some go to recipes so that I'm ready for the veggies when they start coming in. I've noticed that if I don't have ideas for how to cook something, it sits in the back of my fridge until I forget about it and it goes bad.  I'd prefer not to waste delicious, nutritious vegetables that I or others worked hard to grow.

3. Upload photos: This goal is an example of me taking baby steps to achieve a bigger goal.  I haven't managed to make a wedding or Europe photo album yet, but I think I can at last upload the photos I want to use onto a website so that I can then design and later order my album in a few months.

4. Be present: I've been thinking a lot about the future lately, and I've observed an increase in my anxiety levels happening at the same time.  I don't like feeling anxious (does anybody?), so I'm going to make a conscious effort to stop, breathe, and be in the moment.  Because what better time is there to be present when the sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, and there are so many wonderful things going on?

What are your goals for June?

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