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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

a relaxing sunday

I've become a person who has a hard time slowing down and relaxing.  I'm almost constantly on the move (usually doing awesome things), and when I have a weekend off I usually fill it with chores, home improvement, and checking goals off lists.  

When a friend suggested spending a whole day (a.whole.day!) porch sitting, I thought it sounded fantastic, but I was also anxious.  Anxious!  About taking time to relax and do nothing!  It was like I thought all the things I had to do were more important than just being present, living and enjoying life.  So I took up the challenge (if you can call it that), and spent most of a day just hanging out.  And what a day it was. 

We allowed ourselves a few hours of productivity in the morning to get necessary things (like laundry) done and off our check lists.  Because the weather is beautiful, the laundry went outside to air dry.  Mmm.  Nothing like air dried, warm weather laundry. 

We chatted, enjoyed some lunch (with lettuce from the garden), ate homemade popsicles, read books, and took naps.  And wouldn't you know it?  The world didn't fall apart because we took several hours to just do things that made us happy.  In fact, I could feel myself slowly easing into the day and less and less worried about the responsibilities I was letting go of for the day.  And it was so nice and so necessary. 

We decided we couldn't change the flow of the day by cooking dinner, so went out to County Claire, one of my favorite restaurants in Milwaukee.

After dinner, we stopped by the community garden and harvested lettuce, baby kale, dill, and other herbs.  I swear the lettuce in this garden is like the loaves and fishes.  We've eaten bags and bags worth of lettuce, and there always seems like there's more left!

I completed my relaxing Sunday with having the first strawberry of the season.  It was perfectly sour and sweet and hit the spot.  

Ironically one of my four simple goals for June was to be present.  So technically I did check a goal off my list this Sunday.  Woops. 

What do you like to do to relax? 

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