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Saturday, June 14, 2014

101 goals in 1001 days

I'm working on a blog update so I'm rearranging a few things.  I want to hold on to my 101 in 1001 days list, so I'm transferring the list into a blog post.  Look for a fancy schmancy update soon :) 

Start Date: May 9, 2011

End Date: February 4, 2014

I'm a sucker for a list that outlines my goals over a set period of time.  My completed goals are in italics.  Interested in starting your own list? Visit the official site for more information and inspiration.  Please share if you are starting your own list so we can be 101 buddies! 

UPDATE: My challenge is now complete, and I finished with 82% of my goals met.  

I revised and updated my list from time to time as I went along to reflect my developing goals.  I believe goals are only as effective so far as they push you to where you want to be.  Read my reflections on the 101 goals and 1001 days challenge here.  
Athletic/Active Goals: 

1.   Run a 5K with JVC roommates
2.   Take a cycling class
3.   Go snowshoeing 
4.   Go camping
5.   Go dancing
6.   Complete idle ironman challenge
7.   Lose ten pounds and keep it off for 4 months
8.   Buy a bike
9.   Hike the Ice Age Trail
10. Join a roller derby league

  Travel goals: 
11.    Visit another continent
12.    Visit another country (CanadaEnglandFranceIceland)
13.    Visit a new state
14.   Go to a music festival
15.    Visit a new city
16.   Go to Mike’s college graduation 
17.   Go to Pat’s graduation
18.   Plan a girls’ weekend trip with friends
19.   Plan a girls’ weekend trip with family
20.   Take an anniversary trip with Paul 
21.   Visit Eiffel Tower
22.   Visit the Louvre
23.   Visit Versailles
24.   Visit the Blue Lagoon
25.   Visit London

  Continuing Education: 
26.   Read a book in French
27.    Take an art class 
28.   Take a cooking class
29.   Read 50 books (50/50)
30.   Read the news every day for a month

31.   Consolidate my student loans
32.   Stay current on my student loan payments for 1 year
33.   Start saving for retirement 
34.   Keep a spending diary for one month
35.   Increase monthly student loan payment

36.    Make list of friends’/family’s birthdays
37.   Write 40 letters in 40 days
38.   Call/email Mom once a week for six months
39.   Make a birthday cake for someone
40.   Throw a holiday party for friends
41.    Send a letter to an old teacher
42.    Send out Christmas cards

43.   Meditate, pray or journal daily for one month
44.   Read a spiritual book

45.   Make gifts for wedding party 
46.   Create wedding invitations and save the dates
47.   Write wedding thank you cards

48.   Take steps to make/sell prints of Jesuit paintings
49.   Make painting gifts for 5 people 
50.   Make a painting for our room51.   Paint a new collection
52.   Create a studio space 
53.   Make a photo album from San Francisco trip 
54.   Make a photo album from Europe trip
55.   Make a photo album from our engagement pictures
56.   Create a photo wall
57.   Learn to knit in round
58.   Sell a painting

59.   Start my own vegetable garden
60.   Make a compost bin
61.   Keep a garden journal for one growing season
62.   Make a fancy dessert
63.   Make homemade ice cream
64.    Learn to make sushi
65.   Try 25 new recipes (25/25)
66.   Create a community garden
67.   Blog regularly for 6 months
68.   Take a canning class
69.   Cook an Indian meal from scratch
70.   Plant flower cutting garden
71.   Make juice

72.   Take clothes/coats to the dry cleaners
73.   Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years 
74.   Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (22/26 Need: N, Q, Y, Z)
75.   Get a piercing
76.   Go skinny dipping
77.   Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011
78.   Identify 100 things that make me happy
79.   Finish decorating office
80.   Get a dog
81.   Learn to drive a stick shift
82.   Make a pie on pi day
83.   Dress up for Halloween
84.   Start an intentional community and live there for at least a year
85.   Get a new job
86.   Dye my hair red
87.   Learn how to put on eyeliner
88.   Change my name
89.   Make a list of my top ten favorite movies
90.   Make a list of my top twenty-five favorite books
91.   Join a book club

92.   Visit Mitchell Domes
93.   Attend high tea
94.   Buy season tickets/membership

  Goals over period of time: 
95.  Create a painting once a month for 1 year
96.  Complete a photo challenge
97.  Thankfulness exercise every month for one year
98.   Complete a gratitude project

End goals:  
99.  Donate $5 to charity for every item not completed on this list.
100. Save $1 for every item completed on list
101. Make a 30 before 30 list

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