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Thursday, May 22, 2014

three pretty books

I am happy to share three new pretty books today as part of my ongoing series highlighting gorgeous and inspiring books.  The best part: these books are all available to borrow for free from the library.  Beauty on a budget!  Today I'm sharing peaks into Holly Becker's three Decorate books.  Holly is the author of the Decor8 blog where she shares her passion and inspiration for living a creative life. 

Decorate was Holly's first book, released in 2011.  This book is a pretty typical design book, divided into sections based on different styles (i.e Natural Style, Flea Market Style, Colorful Style).  I loved so many ideas I saw in this book and wished I could "pin" them all. 

D E C O R A T E   W O R K S H O P

Decorate Workshop was such a fun book, and if it hadn't been requested by someone else in the library system I would still be studying it.  Decorate Workshop is a more user friendly version of Decorate, with a step by step guide to applying Holly's decorating principles to your own space.  I really loved that she gives ideas for things you'll need to get started (floor plan, details, swatches) and asks good questions to get your inspiration flowing and help you think of what you really want for your space.  She finishes the different sections with pictures of absolutely gorgeous spaces. 

D E C O R A T E    W I T H    F L O W E R S

And now my favorite book of the Decorate trio: Decorate with Flowers.  Holly's most recent book (co-written with Leslie Shewring) is focused on adding floral decorations to your house/apartment in fresh and creative ways.  This is the kind of book that I would cuddle with before going to sleep every night in the hopes that the gorgeous images would inspire my dreams.  The flowers!  The colors! The paper accent! Ah, be still my heart.  I now plan on keeping a flower budget for the rest of the summer so I can add mini arrangements to our house...all the time.  

How about yes please to this whole book?  Even if I would never make anything out of this book, I would buy it for our coffee table just so I could browse through it.  

Hope you enjoyed the glimpses into these pretty books.  Have you read any good books recently? 

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