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Sunday, May 4, 2014

my week in instagrams

I'm trying out a new feature today: sharing my weekly Instagram photos.  Instagram is my favorite social media platform, because I love that it photography based.  I love sharing my photos, I love seeing the photos of those I follow, I love the possibilities for simple photo essays, and I just love the simple glimpse it gives into people's lives.  Now that I have a fancy iphone it's a lot easier to share my photos, and I thought it might be fun to feature them on the blog.  You can follow me on Instagram at joy_allthings.  

..flowers from a morning Spring walk

...baby leaves that I almost missed

...one of my favorite weddings photos with two of my favorite ladies -- wishing my Mom a happy birthday

...this week's tulips

...a favorite Spring outfit

...drinking tea from my Grandma's old kitchen

...a beautiful mural at the local post office

...waiting (kind of) patiently for my seeds to emerge (edited with A Beautiful Mess app)

...so many colorful carrots at the grocery store!!

...the more you know :) 

Are you on Instragram?  Let me know so we can be Instagram buddies!

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